25 May 2010, Posted by Michael

For this months creative day we decided to explore the concept, what would happen if gravity was suddenly switched off? The creative team came up with three concepts, spontaneous flight, walking the dog, and city wide chaos. These will all be revealed over the coming months but here is your first look at behind the scenes from the shoot and a sneak peek at some of the assets we will be using for the final images.

The shoot was a lot of fun, we are no athletes and a bit soft, so we all came away battered and bruised. As you will see in the video below our safety measures involved a small mattress with very little spring left, some cushions for extra comfort and Ashley’s old abseiling gear. These precautions did not always work as planned but made for a good laugh when things went wrong.

We decided to harness up Darren in an old abseiling rig and suspend him from the ceiling , this worked well but you will see why Darren has now changed his name to Sharon.

I believe I can fly.. (for full dramatic effect sing like R Kelly)

Assets for the Spontaneous Flight concept

Assets from our third concept city wide chaos.

Sorry, we had to… where’s Kirsten Dunst when you need her.

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  • GinaZ
    October 12

    Love the making of the flying business man. Well done!

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